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As an advocate for clients, Bob has significant experience in international arbitration and dispute mediation. He understands and appreciates the significance of cultural differences in dispute resolution processes. Thus Bob has also been retained as a neutral to arbitrate or mediate many international disputes as well. 

Representative examples include:

  • Decided arbitration for amounts allegedly due claimant under its renegotiated agreement to produce infused California wine for distribution by respondents in China.
  • Mediated AAA ICDR international franchise claims by European supplier for breach of contract, business tort and antitrust claims over distribution in the U.S. of torque wrenches and related tools.
  • Decided AAA ICDR international arbitration claims by European franchisor against California franchisee under agreement whose terms were disputed.
  • Mediated federal court action by U.S.-based solar products vendor for payment against Italian contractor (whose mediation representatives did not speak English) purchasing for installation in Italian utility districts, which counterclaimed for breach of warranty and failure to provide services.
  • Mediated federal court action and counterclaim for contract breach and fraud arising from investment by Russian national plaintiff (who did not speak English) in defendant's startup on-line business in U.S. to provide low cost travel. 
  • Arbitrated claims by computer networking equipment supplier against terminated Canadian distributor.
  • Mediated federal court action by the manufacturer of a European brand of clothing suing its distributor in the western United States (a citizen of that European country) for post-termination debts, including issues such as levy against assets including a home in Europe.
  • Mediated claims by food importer/exporter for misappropriated trade secrets on laptop taken by terminated ex-employee, including customer list.
  • Mediated federal court claims by international financial consultant against European ex-client for breach of contract and misappropriated trade secrets on laptop taken to defendant by plaintiff's terminated ex-employee. 

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